Monday, November 19, 2012

Signs of autism in children

Are your children with autism? How do you know?

1 in 166 babies born in the world suffer from autism. This is the statistics provided by the authorities in a European Congress of Neuropsychiatry held in Barcelona. Researchers have found that autism is a disease more common than cancer, diabetes, AIDS, etc. as Down syndrome can occur in any family, regardless of their social environment. It was also noted that this severe behavioral disorder meets 4 times more often in boys than in girls.

Signs of autism in children are highly dependent on the age at which the disorder. The main symptom of disease in young children, 2-3 years is the lack of language and speech development. Just because your child does not speak up at this age does not mean they have the developmental disorder. Therefore be followed and other specific behavioral signs that give away autism.

Autism is a complex disease that affects a child's ability to communicate and relate to others. There is no cure for this condition, but ways to improve and keep symptoms under control.

It is part of developmental disorders in children, because the problems start to appear before age 3, that is a crucial period for development. Autism causes problems in how to develop child - learning, speech, language, etc..

Signs that brain disorders varies from one child to another, depending on the disease, and the characteristics of each child. But there are a number of symptoms that are associated if found in small symptomatically may form panel to diagnose the disease.

Lack poor speech and language development

The child with autism may not speak at all until the age of 2-3 years, occasionally and rarely say a few words or repeating nonsense occasionally specific terms. Is unable to bind coherent sentences. Baby is very poor language words can not retain and absorb information.

Avoiding eye contact

If the little one has autism, you can find and inability to maintain eye contact or only for short periods of time. Also, facial expression almost missing. He fails to communicate non-verbally, through gestures and grimaces.

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Social isolation and lack of identification with self

Baby with autism are socially isolated and tend to live in a world of its own. You may notice that constantly withdrawing groups of children to play alone and that interactions with others are minimal, almost nonexistent.

It does not respond to requests or responses of others, even to cry own name. Child fails to identify himself.

Mood swings

Sudden shift from a state of peace and calm in a huff, without good reason, is a sign of autism in children. Sometimes it can bring a touch of tranquility and refuge.

Inability to assimilate information

Child resists any form of learning. Unresponsive to stimuli, can be carefully and can not concentrate to absorb information. Cause autism and learning disabilities in children.

Other features associated behavior of autistic children are:
lack of attention

inappropriate giggles and laughter
strange and inappropriate games and concerns
walking typical.

If your little one or two specific signs manifest disorder can not be said to suffer from autism. He has to encompass more of these symptoms for doctors to consider disease. Experts do more tests to assess behavior and resort to complex investigations before confirming autism.

April autism awareness day international
On April 2 is declared "International Day of Awareness of Autism" - World Autism Awareness Day (Waad). Resolution "World Autism Awareness Day" encourages all UN member states to take measures to raise awareness of autism among society and to encourage early diagnosis and early intervention.

In this respect, the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation for Civil Society Development with official partner, Vodafone Romania Foundation launched an awareness campaign of this troubling disorder and self help those affected, nationwide.